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Meet Dottie Renneker 

Do you know we have a treasure in north Scottsdale? You may stumble upon it while walking leisurely through the court yard at The Village at Pinnacle Peak. Maybe after having breakfast or lunch at the General Store or shopping at the other unique boutiques…you’ll see it! It’s Treasures in Art gallery tucked away in the court yard; what a pleasant surprise! So many people don’t realize what a real “find” it is until they walk through the door. You will see art in every nook and cranny! A friendly and engaging petite blue-eyed blonde will most likely meet you at the door. You will be enthralled with her manner and before you know it you will be buying a piece of art!

That petite blonde is Dottie Renneker who has owned the gallery for over forty years and is very good at what she does! The gallery hasn’t always been in the court yard location but it has survived when other galleries have closed their doors. She related her history to me and I found her to be a very strong and unique individual. She was born in Michigan and worked as a young adult in hair styling salons when she met her first husband. Dottie related how they styled many famous personalities who visited Michigan in their “Adams Salon”. After having three sons and living in Michigan, they decided to move to Arizona for a change of climate.

They started working in real estate and whenever Dottie had a sale she presented the clients with a gift of art. She met an Italian family who designed and made wind chimes and she appreciated their talent and bought their chimes for her clients. After a while everyone wanted the chimes. She started to represent the couple and had home shows selling their product. Soon she met a Hungarian couple who made unique pottery and one thing led to another and she began selling a variety of artistic pieces at home shows and then at a shopping center.

She finally decided to open a gallery, Treasures in Art, in Tempe near the lake and it became successful. Soon she was invited to have an art show by Mr. Gerry Nelson who built and owned The Village at Pinnacle Peak. There was a vacant suite and Dottie and Mr. Nelson saw a business opportunity; Dottie opened a second gallery. A year later she closed her Tempe gallery and kept the north Scottsdale location. That decision sealed the success for Treasures in Art Gallery. Dottie said, “this was the late 60’s before Scottsdale road was even paved!”

She eventually moved into the space she now occupies, which is across from the General Store entrance. Gerry Nelson later sold the complex and Dottie stated that she will always remember his kindness and she feels he is responsible for her success. She talked warmly about the new owners and said everyone at the complex treats her very well.

Dottie is 84 years old and sprints around the gallery like she’s still a young adult. She has a twinkle in her eye and is always complimenting someone. She says she loves people and loves what she does. A strong Christian, she feels like the court yard is her family, “So many of them take care of me and I love them like family”! A hug is the common greeting that Dottie seems to invoke from everyone that sees her. She calls her court yard family the “Knights of the Round Table.”

Her gallery has many unique art works for sale, sculptures, paintings, artistic mixed media and jewelry. She now has a steady group of artists who demo once a month in the court yard and keep the gallery full of art. Some of the recent artists were all nationally or regionally award winners and several have been with her for twenty plus years. Some of them are: Doug and Lily Miley, Judy Haggerty, Tom Avila, Barbara Wagner, Mary Weigle, Mel Milsap, Nancy Gaxiola, Susan Hertel, Gary and Susan Flummer, Bonnie Foss, Steven Kay, Ken Braun, Patsy Von Ryan and new artist, Megan Jansen.

Dottie was married twice, lost her parents, and her second husband and one son died within a few years of each other. She never wavered in her Christian belief or how she led her life. It was interesting interviewing her because she continually talked about everyone else. In talking about others and how they influenced her plus her love for people, I understand who she is and why she is so popular. A strong, assertive, honest, loving and maybe a little eccentric woman who truly loves her life. A person happy with being alive and living her dream…a unique woman who will never retire!

Visit Treasures in Art Gallery and meet the petite blue eyed best treasure in the gallery. It’s an experience you won’t forget! For more information about the gallery, contact Dorothy Renneker at 480-620-9394. The gallery, which is located at 8711 Pinnacle Peak Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 is open Tuesday thru Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Article written by Natalie Keller

Dottie Renneker has a steady group of artists who demo once a month in the court yard and keep the gallery full of art. Many of her artists are national or regional award winners and several have been with her for twenty plus years.